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Donna Marie's School Of Dance

Donna Marie's School of Dance is celebrating it's 40th anniversary! Throughout the years thousands of dancers have fulfilled their dreams of dance with us. Some have become professional dancers, teachers, and entertainers, while others have kept dance in their lives to enrich their daily life. Whatever your dream of dance is, Donna Marie's is there to help you attain your dream. At Donna Marie's we provide an atmosphere where dancers can reach their highest goals in dance, and achieve personal excellence. Everyone that enters the door at Donna Marie's feels like they belong, and the positive atmosphere is contagious. At Donna Marie's School of Dance we keep the FUN in dance. 

Annual Dance Recital

Each year Donna Marie's presents a professionally produced Dance Recital. The sets and costumes are amazing, and all of our dancers are invited to participate. We believe recital night is a true celebration of each dancer. Our stress free approach to recital time makes our recitals the best!

You are not too old or too young to dance. Dance is for everyone!

Have a look at our class schedule and come in  to try one of our free trial classes anytime. 

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Ballet and Tap Combination Class

 Ballet and Tap combination classes are offered starting at age 3. Little ones will learn to follow the gentle guidance of their teacher and dance along with their friends. Music appreciation is highlighted, as our dancers learn how to listen, move to music, and express creativity through dance. In each class an age appropriate routine is taught. Lots of praise is showered on these budding dancers. At Donna Marie's we want our young dancers first experience to be positive so they will keep dance in their hearts and lives for a lifetime. 


Hip Hop

 Each week our hip hop dancers get their groove on!  Hip hop classes are offered each Monday for ages 6 - adult. Our teachers use the latest "clean version" of the most popular music and hit the floor! High energy music and movement are what our hip hop is all about.

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Travel to the beautiful isles of Tahiti. When you hear the opening beat on the Toere drum your class begins. Our exciting Tahitian Dance class is not to be missed! Tahitian dance is not only beautiful and meaningful, it is a wonderful workout for the entire body. This low impact, high energy dance class is offered for all ages 3 and up. Ladies, if you are tired of your old exercise classes try our spirited Tahitian Dance class.    



We love to share our Aloha Spirit with you!

At Donna Marie's we offer both modern "Awana" and traditional "Kahiko" forms of Hawaiian dance.  The Hula is for everyone, Keiki (children) to tutus (grandmothers). The basics of Hula are taught in all of our classes starting at age 3. It is fun and easy to learn the hula, and the music is amazingly beautiful. Don't think this is a slow paced class! Hawaiian dance is energetic! Not sure? Come in for a free trial class.



 Lace up a pair of tap shoes and let the dance begin! Our tap classes are upbeat and lively. This class is set to todays top pop hits as well as retro classics. Proper stretching starts the class followed by basics at center, traveling progressions and back to center floor for choreography.  It's a classic tap class and we always have a great time!

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Hawaiian-Tahitian-Belly-Poi Combination Class

This class is packed with creativity and fun! It's great for the very energetic dancer! Each week this multi-faceted class varies to include Hawaiian song and dance, Tahitian drum dances, Maori poi twirling (great for co-ordination) and Belly dance. Our young dancers are proud of the many skills they learn in this wonderful class.     

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Belly Dance

Wrap a dazzling hip scarf around your hips and let the music carry you away. Donna Marie's  style of belly dance is beautiful, classical, and graceful! Belly dance is good for your body and your mind. Music from around the world drives this energetic hour of dance. Flowing silk veils, zills (finger cymbals), swords, and authentic choreography are featured elements in this ancient mysterious dance we love.

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Who knew four little strings could make such lovely music. We love to play our ukuleles! Our favorite ukulele teacher, R.J. Latherow patiently coaches and encourages young musicians to play the ukulele in a relaxed and easy atmosphere each Tuesday night. All ages are welcome to join in the music. Come and strum along with us!