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Donna Marie's School Of Dance


Donna Marie Tagarelli


 Donna Marie's School of Dance is opening for it's 41st year! Donna Marie and her team look forward to meeting new dancers and welcoming back their dance family. 

      Donna Marie studied under many of the finest artists and teachers in their field. Training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori, Belly, and Flamenco.  Donna Marie has an extensive performance resume, as an ensemble performer, and a featured entertainer. She is a former Moroccan Village Belly Dancer and jazz dancer in Mark Wilson's Magic Fantasy at Busch Gardens. Donna Marie is well known for her performances throughout Florida. She has appeared in magazines, billboards, brochures, commercials, television shows, and was showcased as a featured solo artist at top resorts, and performance venues.

Teaching dance is a passion, and Donna Marie keeps her students moving forward with enthusiasm sharing fresh, fun choreography each year.  

Noelani Tagarelli

Naturally graceful, Noelani is an expert dancer, teacher, choreographer and, entertainer. Raised in the dance arts from the time she was born, Noelani is Donna Marie's daughter! Her background in dance includes Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori, Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Noelani is a featured entertainer throughout Florida and is the artistic director of two dance companies presented through Donna Marie's School of Dance. The Royal Polynesian Revue and The Veiled Visions Belly Dance Revue. These dance companies have been delighting audiences for 40 years. Noelani is a graduate of USF. 

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Charlotte Tinsley

Teacher, choreographer, and performer, Charlotte Tinsley has danced with Donna Marie for 38 years! She is the co-founder of The Royal Polynesian Revue and The Veiled Visions Belly Dance Revue at Donna Marie's School of Dance. Charlotte's dance life began at an early age and included studies in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Maori. Charlotte has performed in numerous dance revues and as a  featured solo artist.  Her clear and concise way of presenting dance makes her a favorite teacher at Donna Marie's. 

Eleni Lambrianos

High energy and FUN! Eleni is our favorite Teen Hip Hop instructor. Eleni has studied dance at Donna Marie's for 16 years. Her dance arts  background includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop Hawaiian, Tahitian, Belly Dance, and Ukulele. Eleni recently  graduated from Tarpon Springs Senior High School as it's Valedictorian!  She is continuing her education at The University of Tampa.



Judy Amorello

 Judy is graceful and accomplished dancer. She has an thoughtful and kind approach that makes her a favorite with our students. Her dance background includes Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hawaiian Tahitian, and Belly Dance. This year Judy will be teaching alongside Donna Marie in our Hawaiian Tahitian, Belly and Tap classes. 

R.J. Latherow

R.J. Latherow has studied classical guitar for over 27 years. When he bought his youngest daughter an ukulele for her Hula class, he did not realize that her was about to fall in love with the guitar's cooler, smaller cousin. Since that time R.J. has been teaching and sharing ukulele at Donna Marie's.